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If you’ve ever experienced a water leak in your home’s plumbing, you know how damaging it can be.  After all, water is meant to remain in your pipes, and it can cause problems when it flows outside of this system!  Yet, finding the leak can sometimes pose a problem, especially if the leak is in a hard to reach area.  How can you easily detect the source, so you can fix it quickly, without tearing up your home to do so?  Electronic leak detection is fast becoming the most popular method for tracking down a plumbing problem, as it has many benefits over traditional methods.  To help you discover how it works and what it can offer, let’s examine this topic in more detail below.

Electronic leak detection isn’t effective for leaks in pipes which you can visually inspect, such as ones running above a slab foundation for example.  Yet, if you have underground plumbing which is causing an issue, this innovative technique is the perfect solution.  Also, it is good for locating leaks within your home’s walls as well, and allows you to find the problem without tearing down your drywall.  How does this process work?

First, it must be determined if a leak is really the problem, before proceeding to the detection phase.  Simply listening for the sound of water when all the faucets have been turned off, can give you the first clue as to where a potential leak could be located.  Also, if you have water flowing out of the floor or through the bottom of your wall, then you know where to start looking.  Further indicators that you may have a plumbing problem, include having a water heater which constantly runs or hot water coming out of a faucet when you selected cold instead.  The next step is to examine your water meter, after shutting off all faucets and appliances which use water inside your home.  If the meter indicates that water is still being used, then you have confirmed that a leak is present.

Now you are ready to proceed with electronic leak detection, which is done by disconnecting your water pipes at the water heater.  They are then filled with nitrogen gas, because this makes a clear sound when it escapes through a hole in your water pipes.  A special electronic listening device is used to detect this noise, and to pinpoint the exact location of your leaky pipe.  How accurate is this approach?  On rare occasions this high pitch noise can transfer through some material close to the pipes, like pipe insulation, which can skew the results.  However, in the vast majority of cases the precise source of the problem is determined correctly, saving you thousands in labor and material costs to dig up your floor.  That’s not to mention the time and hassle involved, and electronic leak detection represents a quantum leap forward in plumbing repair!

So, if you suspect a leak is present in your home, this technique is a terrific option.  It is noninvasive, fast and effective, meaning you can get to the root of your problem in no time at all.  Why bother with other cumbersome and expensive options, when you can simply use electronic leak detection instead?  You will be glad that you did, and it will allow you to get back to using your water without any worries!


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